Major Website Changes

Website edits, configuration changes, and other backend updates will be included here as a log of changes made to this website. Please use the Website Contact form to ask any questions or report problems with the site. While most processes occur regularly due to automation, some processes still need to be manually run. Plans are in the works to automate all back-end processes for this site.

30 January 2023

- Resolved site stability (availabilty) issue and reconfigured hosting services.
- Reconfigured UptimeRobot service:
- Upgraded Antispam plugin to latest version (v1.5.7)
- Removed second-tier page statistics from site pages (left on W1AW/2 pages)
- Reconfigured automatic job processor and backup routines
- Misc. cleanup and optimizations.

16 January 2023

- various site updates (including Grav core, Forms, Admin, and misc. plugins)
- Added official logo for NNY ARRL section to homepage
- Updated Aura plugin to point to new NNY ARRL logo graphic
- Removed previous graphic in Aura plugin (county map with text)
- Link changes re: ARRL VOTA and W1AW/2 activations

22 November 2022

- Updated Forms plugin from v7.0.2 to v7.1.0
- Removed older meetings from Section Meetings page; available on request
- Added delayed page for 2023 ARRL Operating Event (will not show until 2023)
- Updated site banner for Logo/Motto Contest and added end-date

31 October 2022

- Configured site uptime monitoring from UptimeRobot
- Added link to monitoring page to site footer
- Updated AWS configuration for IP addresses (added Elastic IP)

11 October 2022

- Updated Forms, Custom Banner, and Admin plugins to latest versions
- Updated Grav core on dev and prod sites to latest version (
- Removed primary links to Simulated Emergency Test information and archived page
- Restored custom Forms and Admin plugin configurations
- Added auto-unpublish dates to event subpages (NYQP, SET, Art Contest)

3 October 2022

- Page statistics plugin turned on for detailed site/visitor metrics
- Overhauled NTS and NTS Reporting pages to align with goals of NTS in NNY
- Miscellaneous cleanup and optimizations

25 September 2022

- Revised all pages to include email addresses in support of site branding
- Revised internal site links to use relative instead of absolute links
- Miscellaneous formatting updates
- Core CSS change to allow for center-aligned images (class=center)
- Processed batch of content updates requested after NNY Radio Association club meeting

17 September 2022

- Changed hosting services to a more powerful server for less cost per hour. New configuration is much more scalable
- Successfully upgraded production and dev sites to Grav v1.7.36 and added Typography page for staff to review code
- Miscellaneous plugin upgrades (admin, flex, forms, statistics)
- Added additional functionality to Editor toolbar (menu for formatting notices and available short codes) and improved image handling
- Added Custom Banner plugin for pages; configurable for flash messages site-wide

05 September 2022

- Adjusted location of Print to PDF button to bottom of all webpages instead of on same line as <h1> tags
- Added "image float" option to menu bar. Cursor must be at end of file extension for image to add ?classes= correctly
- Miscellaneous plugin configuration optimizations
- Resolved issue in returning to blog "main page" when viewing a blog item (child) page

03 September 2022

- Added 'antispam' plugin to obfuscate email addresses on web pages (no code knowledge needed by editors)
- Updated hard-coded email addresses on theme framework to take advantage of antispam plugin
- Updated 'page stats' plugin to latest version (bug fixes and greater control over what to log for page visitors)

30 August 2022

- Added Section Emergency Coordinator Blog page to EmComm section (revised all EmComm pages appropriately)
- Updated code in theme templates for unique blog sidebars (SM/SEC blogs)
- Site cutover for upgraded servers now scheduled for end of 2022

20 August 2022

- Added PrintFriendly ( code to webpages to allow rendering of pages as PDFs
- Adjusted site-wide backup routines to consume less system resources
- Began work on site migration to upgraded server environment (anticipated cutover late September)

16 August 2022

- Added photo gallery plugin and enabled on Swapfest Recap blog post
- Fixed broken link in Blog sidebar code (email address for section manager)
- Refined processing of site backups to optimize available storage space
- Added 'password change' video to "how-to" page
- NEW: email reflectors are now available to all County ECs and section officers ( addresses)

10 August 2022

- Updated repeater list with information received
- Updated County ARES/RACES Contact page (content and formatting)

05 August 2022

- Added instructions to blog landing page (how to create child items/articles)
- Updated Section Meetings & NTS Meetings pages (resize code and order of videos)
- Configured two site backup routines:
    > 1: runs every 8 hours and backs up page data only (no meeting videos)
    > 2: runs every month on the 1st and backs up ALL site data (including videos)
- Added internal plugin for page-view statistics and edited-by information for updated pages

04 August 2022

- Created first draft of SAR/PSHR reporting form (O/R/S/D + 1/2/3/4/5/6)
- Reconfigured NTS reporting pages to send email and increment CSV files (session & monthly)
- Reconfigured Website Contact Form to send email only (no files saved)
- Configured a "raw data" sub-page below Traffic Reporting to pull data from CSV files for NTS net reports & SAR/PSHR reports
     * Note: Traffic Reporting page will still need to be manually updated, but data can be pulled from 'raw' page to aid in calculations
- Successfully upgraded dev & prod sites to Grav v1.7.35 and Admin v1.10.35

01 August 2022

- Configured Aura plugin to handle OpenGraph tags on all pages
- Created and uploaded header image for OpenGraph tags
- Created Simulated Emergency Test page (under Events) and linked from homepage

30 July 2022

- Revisions to About Us page
- Added direct links to ARRL Find a Club resource & Join/Renew Membership
- Resolved "page not found" errors in admin logging

28 July 2022

- Updated Forms plugin processing (reCaptcha and emailing routines)
- NTS Net Reporting pages (session/monthly) updated with new Forms code
- Website contact form updated with new Forms code