Major Website Changes

Website edits, configuration changes, and other backend updates will be included here as a log of changes made to this website. Please use the Website Contact form to ask any questions or report problems with the site.

10 June 2024

- Full integration of YouTube playlists to replace section recordings
- Review and cleanup of NTS information and references to NTS 2.0
- Misc. page title and header information changes for visibility

03 June 2024

- Moved section meetings & NTS traffic meetings to YouTube
- Removed self-hosted video files to reduce site bandwidth use
- Updated system cache settings (more frequent refresh rate)
- Updated system backup settings (3x per month vs. weekly)
- System software update on dev and prod servers
- Website updated to latest framework v1.7.46
- Admin plugin updated to latest v1.10.46
- Reapplied fixes for net report aggregations & admin menus

12 May 2024

- Website updated to latest framework v1.7.45
- Admin plugin updated to latest v1.10.45
- Login, Forms, and Email plugins updated
- Page metadata cleanup
- Enabled short-link URLs for county pages

16 March 2024

- Retired pages for technician license advisor sessions 
- Removed branding from main webpages re: eclipse
- Added information regarding April 8 Eclipse and planning
- Routine system maintenance

27 February 2024

- Created password-protected page for section business
- Adjusted site and links for April 8 eclipse prep and planning
- Additional configuration for technician advisor online sessions

22 October 2023

- Reconfigured IP address allocations for production site
- Configured request form for events to section calendar
- Converted outgoing (SMTP) email to new provider
- Discontinued former SMTP email provider account
- Adjusted timeout and flood protection settings on login

25 September 2023

- Configured NNYNets profile for the NNY Section site
- Updated file system permissions for NNYNets profile
- Created permalink for NNYNets profile at root (/) of site
- Added/included NNYNets profile in backup routines

19 September 2023

- added ATL Division Director & Vice-Director contact info
- updated all section officers contact info to standard emails
- consolidated admin logins for email forwarding service

12 September 2023

- Updated user contacts for new Section positions
- Updated user permissions for new Section roles
- Refreshed email aliases in advance of new roles
- Added "event request" form for Calendar
- Pushed calendar admin permissions to Section officers

5 September 2023

- Removed and archived W1AW/2 data and statistics per SM request
- Refreshed DNS services (removed forums and W1AW subdomains)
- Migrated NNY Clean Sweep info from outside service & added DNS record
- Reconfigured server logs (enabled log rotation) for remaining services / hosts
- Updated subdomains registered on SSH certificate and regenerated certificate
- Cleaned up misc. logfiles and histories in web server & operating system

24 August 2023

- Restored SEC and SM blogs from backups
- Removed secondary server for Section Forums
- updated email configuration within site and on reflector service
- misc. upgrades and cleanup to primary server

02 July 2023

- Renewal of SSL (secure site) certificate
- Reconfiguration of automatic SSL renewal
- Confirmed that updated NNY-Nets profile was duplicated here

13 June 2023

- Updated dev and prod sites to Grav v1.7.41.2
- Updated Login, Forms, Flex Objects, Email, and Admin plugins to latest versions
- Reconfigured necessary customizations to core and plugins needed for site operations

12 May 2023

- Reset backup script after site change resulted in backups being generated every minute
- New site pages only routine runs once weekly in evening on Sundays
- Researching off-site backup or further storage for longer-term backups of site
- Further modification to forums server and application in advance of cutover

04 April 2023

- New server added: - will house message boards/forums to replace
- Configured forum software with plugins to mass-add users (for merge) and email digests/notifications
- Merged user list of former NNYARA reflector in preparation of its decommissioning
- Updated Grav dev and prod to 1.7.40 and Admin plugin to 1.10.40
- Configured regular (site pages) backup to run every other day in line with edits made to site

30 January 2023

- Resolved site stability (availability) issue and reconfigured hosting services.
- Reconfigured UptimeRobot service:
- Upgraded Antispam plugin to latest version (v1.5.7)
- Removed second-tier page statistics from site pages (left on W1AW/2 pages)
- Reconfigured automatic job processor and backup routines
- Misc. cleanup and optimizations.

16 January 2023

- various site updates (including Grav core, Forms, Admin, and misc. plugins)
- Added official logo for NNY ARRL section to homepage
- Updated Aura plugin to point to new NNY ARRL logo graphic
- Removed previous graphic in Aura plugin (county map with text)
- Link changes re: ARRL VOTA and W1AW/2 activations

22 November 2022

- Updated Forms plugin from v7.0.2 to v7.1.0
- Removed older meetings from Section Meetings page; available on request
- Added delayed page for 2023 ARRL Operating Event (will not show until 2023)
- Updated site banner for Logo/Motto Contest and added end-date

31 October 2022

- Configured site uptime monitoring from UptimeRobot
- Added link to monitoring page to site footer
- Updated AWS configuration for IP addresses (added Elastic IP)

11 October 2022

- Updated Forms, Custom Banner, and Admin plugins to latest versions
- Updated Grav core on dev and prod sites to latest version (
- Removed primary links to Simulated Emergency Test information and archived page
- Restored custom Forms and Admin plugin configurations
- Added auto-unpublish dates to event subpages (NYQP, SET, Art Contest)

3 October 2022

- Page statistics plugin turned on for detailed site/visitor metrics
- Overhauled NTS and NTS Reporting pages to align with goals of NTS in NNY
- Miscellaneous cleanup and optimizations

25 September 2022

- Revised all pages to include email addresses in support of site branding
- Revised internal site links to use relative instead of absolute links
- Miscellaneous formatting updates
- Core CSS change to allow for center-aligned images (class=center)
- Processed batch of content updates requested after NNY Radio Association club meeting

17 September 2022

- Changed hosting services to a more powerful server for less cost per hour. New configuration is much more scalable
- Successfully upgraded production and dev sites to Grav v1.7.36 and added Typography page for staff to review code
- Miscellaneous plugin upgrades (admin, flex, forms, statistics)
- Added additional functionality to Editor toolbar (menu for formatting notices and available short codes) and improved image handling
- Added Custom Banner plugin for pages; configurable for flash messages site-wide

05 September 2022

- Adjusted location of Print to PDF button to bottom of all webpages instead of on same line as <h1> tags
- Added "image float" option to menu bar. Cursor must be at end of file extension for image to add ?classes= correctly
- Miscellaneous plugin configuration optimizations
- Resolved issue in returning to blog "main page" when viewing a blog item (child) page

03 September 2022

- Added 'antispam' plugin to obfuscate email addresses on web pages (no code knowledge needed by editors)
- Updated hard-coded email addresses on theme framework to take advantage of antispam plugin
- Updated 'page stats' plugin to latest version (bug fixes and greater control over what to log for page visitors)

30 August 2022

- Added Section Emergency Coordinator Blog page to EmComm section (revised all EmComm pages appropriately)
- Updated code in theme templates for unique blog sidebars (SM/SEC blogs)
- Site cutover for upgraded servers now scheduled for end of 2022

20 August 2022

- Added PrintFriendly ( code to webpages to allow rendering of pages as PDFs
- Adjusted site-wide backup routines to consume less system resources
- Began work on site migration to upgraded server environment (anticipated cutover late September)

16 August 2022

- Added photo gallery plugin and enabled on Swapfest Recap blog post
- Fixed broken link in Blog sidebar code (email address for section manager)
- Refined processing of site backups to optimize available storage space
- Added 'password change' video to "how-to" page
- NEW: email reflectors are now available to all County ECs and section officers ( addresses)

10 August 2022

- Updated repeater list with information received
- Updated County ARES/RACES Contact page (content and formatting)

05 August 2022

- Added instructions to blog landing page (how to create child items/articles)
- Updated Section Meetings & NTS Meetings pages (resize code and order of videos)
- Configured two site backup routines:
    > 1: runs every 8 hours and backs up page data only (no meeting videos)
    > 2: runs every month on the 1st and backs up ALL site data (including videos)
- Added internal plugin for page-view statistics and edited-by information for updated pages

04 August 2022

- Created first draft of SAR/PSHR reporting form (O/R/S/D + 1/2/3/4/5/6)
- Reconfigured NTS reporting pages to send email and increment CSV files (session & monthly)
- Reconfigured Website Contact Form to send email only (no files saved)
- Configured a "raw data" sub-page below Traffic Reporting to pull data from CSV files for NTS net reports & SAR/PSHR reports
     * Note: Traffic Reporting page will still need to be manually updated, but data can be pulled from 'raw' page to aid in calculations
- Successfully upgraded dev & prod sites to Grav v1.7.35 and Admin v1.10.35

01 August 2022

- Configured Aura plugin to handle OpenGraph tags on all pages
- Created and uploaded header image for OpenGraph tags
- Created Simulated Emergency Test page (under Events) and linked from homepage

30 July 2022

- Revisions to About Us page
- Added direct links to ARRL Find a Club resource & Join/Renew Membership
- Resolved "page not found" errors in admin logging

28 July 2022

- Updated Forms plugin processing (reCaptcha and emailing routines)
- NTS Net Reporting pages (session/monthly) updated with new Forms code
- Website contact form updated with new Forms code