Schoharie County


”Amateur Radio Emergency Service”

Emergency Communication (and ARES) is just one part of the Schoharie County Amateur Radio Association. ARES is initiated by the Emergency Coordinator (EC) . A section manager appoints an EC in each county within his or her section. The EC can activate the group for events needing communications assistance. It can also be activated to start a weather net relaying information the the National Weather Service. Once activated ARES follows the procedures set forth in the ARRL manual.

As an ARES volunteer you may be called to provide communications for:

                                                        * Disaster relief organizations

                                                        * Public Service events

                                                        * Emergencies or disasters

Also, you can participate in club events:

                                                         * Training exercises

                                                         * Field Days

                                                         * Pumpkin patrol

You will be guided by the A.R.E.S Emergency coordinator in your training in:

                                                         * Message handling

                                                         * Communication technology

                                                         * Administrative procedures

                                                         * Disaster preparedness 

Members of our ARES group will receive a task book to guide you along the way from beginning to leadership positions.

Amateur Radio has a long tradition of giving back to our communities when the time arises.

There is training for you to complete to be a good communicator but to help others it's worth it.

The contact for A.R.E.S in Schoharie County is

Emergency coordinator
NNY Section ARRL

Download an ARES application form here

Completed applications can be:
(a) Brought to a meeting;
(b) scanned and emailed to John Knoebel at ;
(c) or mail to John at 115 Fort Road, Schoharie, NY 12157