NNY Section Officers

Contact information for the appointed officers of the ARRL NNY Section are listed below. We are still looking for volunteers interested in serving at the Section level. Please review the job descriptions provided by the ARRL and contact the Section Manager if you are interested in helping. If there's a job you would like to do that does not fall into a particular "official" role, please contact us anyway!

  • Rocco Conte, WU2M

    Section Manager
  • Tom Valosin, WB2KLD

    Assistant Section Manager
  • Thomas Dick, KF2GC

    Assistant Section Manager
  • Pete Rea, W2PR

    State Government Liaison
  • Matt Lacy, KD2TBS

    Section Youth Coordinator
  • Pete Newell, KC2WI

    Section Emergency Coordinator
  • Jerry Silver, N2ZGN

    Section Traffic Manager
  • Wells Farr, WB3CUF

    Assistant Section Traffic Manager
  • Randy Swart, N2CUA

    Technical Coordinator