Useful Information for Emergency Communicators:

Phonetic Alphabet and Numbers.pdf

Distance & Temperature Conversions.pdf

Beaufort Wind Scale.pdf

Z and Q codes.pdf

QN Codes for CW or Digital Nets.pdf

Time Conversion:

Local time in 12 hour format is used in most emergency communications. Use local time unless otherwise specified. To convert 12 hour AM-PM to 24 hour local time, add 12 hours to PM time. To avoid confusion, it is recommended you specify local time in 12 hour format, using AM or PM.

Universal Coordinated Time (UTC), also known as Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) or Zulu Time (Z) is frequently used on HF for other than local nets, because the communication distances can easily span multiple time zones.

New York is in the Eastern Time Zone.. Eastern Standard Time (EST) is 5 hours behind UTC. This means you add 5 hours to local 24 hour time to get Zulu time. Note that 8:00 PM EST (2000) is 0000Z the next day. During daylight savings (EDT) we move the clocks ahead one hour, making New York only 4 hours behind. Therefore, you only add 4 hours.

If you are specifying UTC/GMT/Zulu time, use 24 hour format and add Z For example: 6 PM EST = 1800 EST = 2200Z.

FIPS Codes:

Federal Information Processing Series (FIPS) codes are assigned by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). US states are identified by the first two digits, counties by the last 3 digits. Counties are sometimes referenced using their FIPS code during emergency operations:. Here are the FIPS codes for Northern New York Section:
36019,Clinton County
36031,Essex County
36033,Franklin County
36035,Fulton County
36041,Hamilton County
36045,Jefferson County
36049,Lewis County
36057,Montgomery County
36095,Schoharie County
36089,St. Lawrence County

Incident Command System (ICS) fillable forms
of particular interest to Emergency Communicators:
ICS Form 213, General Message (v3).pdf
ICS Form 205, Incident Radio Communications Plan (v3.1).pdf
ICS Form 205A, Communications List (v3).pdf
ICS Form 217A, Comm Resource Avail Worksheet (v3).pdf
Complete List of Incident Command System (ICS) fillable forms

Miscellaneous References:
FEMA - NIMS EOC How-to Quick Reference Guide
FEMA - CPG 1-15 Guidance For Radio Amateur Civil Emergency Service (1991)
Hurricane Watch Net

Emergency Communications / Digital Emergency Communications articles / Tech Info by Gordon Gibby KX4Z - North Florida Section