NNY EmComm Nets, Frequencies, and Repeaters

Due to the large and varying geography of our section, VHF repeaters often only serve a small portion of our amateur radio population. There have been talks on how best to link these isolated locations through RF and other means.

Primary Repeaters

Northern District: Primary Repeater: Whiteface (emergency use only). There is an Emergency Services Net at 7:30 AM and 7:00 PM every day.
Central Adirondacks: Primary Repeater: Hamilton County RACES on Blue Mountain.
Southern District: Primary Repeater: Cobleskill on Petersburg Mountain.
NNY (and vicinity) Repeater Information

Nets for Emergency Services


VHF Nets

HF Nets

The primary NNY HF voice emergency communications frequencies are 3958 and 7245. There is no regularly-scheduled NNY Emcomm net. The North Country Group meets at 8 AM Sunday mornings on 3958.

The Eastern NY section ARES HF net meets on the fourth Tuesday of odd months at 8 PM on 3993. All NNY ARES members are invited to check in.

KF2GC has provided this list of Emergency Operations Frequencies.

National Traffic System HF Nets

Formal message handling is a component of ARES emergency communications. Everyone needs to be familiar with composing, sending, and receiving a standard written Radiogram message. Listening to these nets is a good way to become more comfortable with traffic handling. NNY stations are strongly encouraged to check in, with or without traffic.

HF Digital Nets

See the NNY Digital Emergency Communications page.

ARES Emergency Coordinators and RACES Radio Officers, please email updated net information to Section Emergency Coordinator .